Organizational Structure


Julius Caesar A. Chua - Chairman
Agustin P. Piso - Vice-Chairman
Betty V. Rafanan - Secretary
Periarosa M. Olivas - Treasurer


Engr. Alexander C Monce - General Manager
Maria Cecilia A. Soriano - Division Manager C
Virgilio C. Quinto - Water Resources Facilities Operator A
Krismond A. Alvarez - Utilitie/Customer Service Assistant B
Justina D. Duqueza - Utilities/Customer Service Officer B
Sotero N. Gabarda - Water Resources FAcilities Operator A
Carl Edwin M. Millano Jr. - Utilities/Customer Service Assistant B
Loreto A. Antonio Jr. - Engineering Assistant B
Derlito P. Jardiolin - Engineering Assistant B
Ricardo R. Raymundo - Water Resources Facilities Operator A
Bernard S. Pico - Water Resources Facilities Operator A
Remar Alvaro - Driver
Francisco J. Pascual Jr. - Water Resources Facilities Operator B
Noly H. Dagdag - Auto Mechanic B
Emily S. Carig - Storekeeper D
Ramil Butuyan - Property/Supply Officer B
Daryl S. Dizon - Engineering Aide B
Warlito R. Ito Jr. - Engineering Aide B
Alvin D. Castillejos - Engineering Aide B
Beverly O. Entrata - Administrative Services Aide
Tristan G. Aquino - Administrative Services Aide
Charito N. Dizon - Senior Cashier Cole
Olivia A. Asunio - Secretary A
Engr. Sherwin L. Monce - Records Officer D
Leila S. Madrid - SAPA
Jay Boy T. Lopez - Utilities/Customer Service Assistant E
Nathaniel C. Claro - Engineering Aide B
Rohan Rahil G. Selga - Engineering Aide B
Mark Peris H. Oria - Utility Worker B mas/7/19