• A. The service connection shall be done only by the authorized personnel of the Asingan Water District (AWD), upon approval and release of the corresponding job order and upon payment of the pertinent fees by the concessionaire.
  • B. The Asingan Water District (AWD), reserves the right to determine the size of the service connections and their locations with respect to the boundaries of the premises to be served. The laying of the concessionaire’s service lateral pipes shall not be done until the location of the service connections has been approved by the Asingan Water District (AWD) or its duly authorized representative.
  • C. The service connection shall be in the name of the person who applied for the service connection.
  • D. The Applicant agrees to pay on a regular basis such prevailing water rates and charges as set forth, fixed, and approved by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and implemented by Asingan Water District (AWD). Such rates may be modified, altered, and/or increased, subject for review and approval of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).
  • E. The Applicant agrees to pay his bills promptly on or before the due date specified on the right side of the billing receipt, payment should be made directly to the Office of the Asingan Water District or upon the issuance of the said receipt of payment by the authorized personnel of AWD.
  • F. The penalty charge of fifteen percent (15%) will be added to the current bill if payment is made after the due date.
  • G. The Asingan WD reserve the right to disconnect the existing service connection for any of the following reasons:
    1. 1. For the prevention of fraudulent use of water;
    2. 2. For (2) months arrears.
    3. 3. For violation of any of the terms of the contract;
    4. 4. For cause beyond the control of the AWD.

  • H. The Concessionaire agrees to pay the amount of Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (P250.00) for the reconnection fee.

  • I. In the event of loss, damage, and/or destruction of the meter, the Concessionaire hereby agrees to undertake the cost of replacement and repair.

  • J. When the accuracy of the water meter is deficient, the AWD upon the request of the concessionaire will conduct an official test to be made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the AWD.

  • K. The Concessionaire shall be liable and responsible for any tampering/transferring, interference with, or breaking of the seal of the water meter installed at the concessionaires’ premises, building, or establishment indicated above and shall be subject to penalties as prescribed in the utility rules and regulations of the Asingan Water District.

  • L. The applicant or his authorized representative shall voluntarily abide and conform to the rules and regulations, policies, and other orders, as set forth by the provisions of PD 198 as amended, and other rules and regulations policies and order that may hereinafter be enacted by the Board of Directors of the District.

  • M. In case, the concessionaire is renting the house, the owner herein voluntarily agrees to be co-liable.

  • N. In case of a suit arising from the contract, the venue shall be in the court of Justice of Asingan, Pangasinan. The concessionaire shall be liable to pay the attorney’s fee at 25% of the account payable, and other fees.

  • O. In case of death or disability or incapability of the registered concessionaires, the one residing and using consuming the water is liable to the accountabilities.

  • P. A service request for reconnections will be processed and approve for a water service connection with fully paid water bills only.

  • Q. Only the registered consumers or concessionaires may request reconnection or disconnection of the water service connection.

  • R. In case the person requesting is not the registered consumer or concessionaire, he/she must secure authorization from the owner regarding his/her request.

  • S. A service request for voluntary disconnection will be honored if the last billing period is paid in full.
  • T. A request for change of name must secure authorization from the registered consumer/concessionaire and fill up the form provided by the District and pay the required service charged.
  • U. Calibration of the water meter shall be done upon the request of the consumer/concessionaire and request for a new water meter.

  • V. The District has the right to replace water meter anytime when found defective to ensure the reliability and consistency of measurement.

  • W. A request for transfer of service line of a water meter assembly of an active service connection must be in accordance with District’s policy.

  • X. No well or any other sources of water supply could be constructed without prior permission and approval of the head of the agency. (res#11,.2011)

  • Y. Cluster Connections depends on the location, suggestions, and satisfaction of the consumer/concessionaire who wants to avail.