Services and Service Standard


  • 1. Application of New Water Service Connection

    2. Request for Reconnection of Disconnected water service connection.

    3. Request for Voluntary Disconnection of water service connection.

    4. Request for Change of Registered Name.

    5. Request for Calibration of Water Meter.

    6. Request for New Water Meter (if necessary).

    7. Request for Transfer of Service Line.


  • Application for New Service Connection or any service request shall be approved within a day upon completion of all requirements.
  • Water Meter and plumbing materials supplied by the District with defects will be replaced at no cost. Provided, however, that after due investigation, the damage is due to the negligence or fault of the consumer the cost must be on the part of the latter.
  • ASINGAN WATER DISTRICT provides 24/7 water supply service except for regular maintenance, emergency cases, or force majeure.