Water Bill Connection

  • The Asingan Water District is open from Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with no noon break except holidays.
  • The Asingan Water district visit delinquent consumers/concessionaires after the meter reading period to avoid disconnection of the water service connection.

  • AWD personnel must demonstrate sensitivity, appropriate behavior, and professionalism during disconnection activities.

  • All payments shall be duly acknowledged through the issuance of an Official Receipt.

  • To avoid delay, the consumer/concessionaire shall present his/her Statement of Account to the Office Collector before paying.

  • The First Come First Serve policy shall be enforced at the Office. Special lanes for Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, and pregnant women shall be provided.

  • Consumers / Concessionaires who settle their bills the day immediately following a due date that falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or non-working public holiday are not imposed the 15% penalty for late payments (res#29, s.2013).

  • Disconnection of one (1) month arrears is strictly implemented (res.#1.5.2010).